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Højgaards since 1966

Højgaards have existed since 1966. The first Højgaards slurry pump was produced in 1973. Since then, it has expanded and developed. Today it’s the starting point for a reliable product range based on professional expertise from real-world experience.

We see ourselves through our interactions with our customers. Our product portfolio is based on the needs of the customers, the times and society at large. Needs are individual; therefore, our product line consists of standard solutions, with unique options. We tailor make the finished result for you.

Our products originate from the needs of agriculture, which is still our main customer group today. Approx. 50% of our turnover goes to exports. We have dealers in large parts of the Nordics, Eastern Europe, England, and Germany as well as China. Today, our customers are widely represented in the food industry. Our pumps are suitable for industries within Biogas, the food industry, plumbing & construction.

We want to be challenged. If you have the idea, the need, and the financing for a special task, then we have the expertise and curiosity.

We are motivated by creating solutions. If you are in doubt or need knowledge and dialogue, contact one of our skilled advisors.

As a workplace, we value a spacious workplace where everyone has unique and valuable importance. This is likewise how we perceive you as a client or business partner.

+45 97 89 30 12

Fabjergkirkevej 51,
DK-7620 Lemvig