Højgaards since 1966

Højgaards has existed since 1966. The first Højgaard’s slurry pump was produced in 1973. The product portfolio is based from here. It has expanded and developed since. Our company consists of our own products as well as retail sales in the Special Store.

We perceive ourselves as part of interaction with customers and suppliers. Our product portfolio is based on the needs of customers, possibilities from suppliers and our long experienced know how. Needs are individual which is why our products consist of a wide range of options.

Our products are based on agricultural needs, which is also our main sales group.However, many of our products are also very suitable for industrial needs. About 50% of our turnover goes to foreign customers. We have distributors in all parts of the Nordic countries, Eastern Europe, in England and Germany as well as China.

We are most proud of our main areas
Pumps, stirring, separation, garden/parking and hydraulics. Our pride manifests itself in a number of unique selections in our assortment. Our highly qualified and committed employees make the unique selection, advice and special solutions

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Fabjergkirkevej 51,
DK-7620 Lemvig