HM – Automanure

The story behind the HM Automanure

The structural development in Danish and European agriculture has meant that the stables, and thereby the manure systems, have grown to a size that makes manure handling more labor-intensive. By automating, it is ensured that the system is handled the same way every time and that it is no longer dependent on the people working in the barn.

The purpose of Automanure is to create a comprehensive overview and management of separate manure systems.

The system consists of standard elements, combined into a single manageable system that can monitor and control your slurry system. Automanure can be incorporated into new slurry systems or adapted to existing systems.


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What opportunities are there?

Automanure is offered as either a semi-automatic or a fully automatic system. The Semi-automatic system is built as a sequence of actions that start with the press of a start button. Subsequently, the system will go through a predetermined program.

An example of a semi-automatic system:

Stable section where a line winch system is used, where there is a need to flush in two channels.

  1. The wire type barn cleaner is started and delivers the manure in the cross channel
  2. The pump is started – ready for backwashing in channel 1
  3. The valve is switched to back flush in channel 2
  4. Rinse in channel 2
  5. Valve is switched to storage tank
  6. The pump empties the pre-tank into the storage tank
  7. The pump is stopped
  8. Valve is switched to rear flush in channel 1